Work Flow

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Media planning & Concept questionnaire

First of all, the most important thing for us is to understand client’s requirements through questionnaire which can give us an easy and needy understanding of their Imagination. Together with Client Imagination, our concept, technology and execution leads to the Dream content, which convey story to their customers or end users of products.


Movie Scripts and Screenplays

After we get an idea from client, we start making film scripts and screenplays. This makes our clients confident about what they will get in the final output. Also, they get visualizations of film or ad film of their product. Thereafter, we finalize film script and VO (voice over) script from clients and proceed with the further process of their dream project.


Pre & Post Production

Production means the making process of product. In Pre Production, we do our best research and pre work before initiating production. In pre production, we perform Recce for best Locations and Sets, Storyboarding, Casting and Screening, Production set-up and many more for our best output.


New movie first clap

Clap day is a shoot day. On this day, our crew and production team is ready for shoot at scheduled time according to pre production planning. We begin with the process of camera recording with trailing concept and storyboard.


Post production

After shoot, the post production begins with First Cut which includes Edit, Dubbing, Sound recording, Sound engineering, VFX, Animation, Voice over, and DI ( Digital Grading). Here, our creativity meets with technology and we come out with our client’s Dream content.